The Notion Takeoff Assistant

Benjamin Taylor
63 ratings

Witness out of this world improvement in your Notion skills with your very own learning companion.

The Notion Takeoff Assistant comes with 100+ Notion resources, offering value for people of all skill levels.

Not only is it equipped with some of the best resources that can be found on the internet, but it also serves as a useful repository to store your new Notion learnings and reference in the future.

Video Walkthrough

What's included?

Tips & Tricks: A collection of resources that when learned, improve your ability to work inside of Notion more effectively.

Aesthetics: Discover new ways to create breathtaking pages.

Extensions: Want to push Notion to its limits? Explore a list of extensions that build upon Notion's functionality.

Studies: Learn the fundamentals of Notion and also use this list to store lessons that increase your potential.

Websites: Easily access and keep track of the best websites that have Notion content and templates.

Creators: Follow the best creators the Notion community has to offer and click to view their socials and see the latest content they're publishing.


Instructions: A detailed video will walk you through the template, ensuring you know how to take advantage of it's wealth of knowledge.

Favoriting: Mark your favorite Notion resources to quickly access them in the dashboard.

Navigation: Sorting between Notion extensions, websites, creators, and other resources is fast with navigation on the dashboard.

Archive: Not interested in a particular resource anymore? No worries! Set the status to archive and you'll no longer see it in your views.

About me

My name is Ben Taylor and I’m a Notion enthusiast, Certified Salesforce Consultant, and digital nomad! I created this template for myself as a repository to store all that Notion is capable of. My hope is you can also benefit from it by looking at its resources and adding your own overtime!

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A companion to quickly improve your Notion skills.


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The Notion Takeoff Assistant

63 ratings
I want this!